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  1. Yeah, a few of us did one at the start of the season with members from other blogs and some of the local Raptors beat writers. (i.e Tim Chisholm, Eric Koreen, Zack Cooper, etc.)

    Perhaps next year though.
  2. Yeah, Tim's a great guy. He's in our fantasy pool this year. His articles are probably the most consistent and accurate of all the Raptors writers too.

    Caldeford I've heard of, but haven't really followed it that much. I'll start paying more attention to it though. Thanks
  3. Doc,

    Thanks for the welcoming note. I really like your blog and hope to be able to provide insightful perspective to your readers. I read a lot of Raptors news and blogs online and I think your blog is amongst the top three ones right now. If you do not know the other two here they are:

  4. Just wanted to personally welcome you to the forums panagnos. Please bare with us while we get these new forums off the ground, but so far I love your contributions to the board. Cheers man.
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