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  1. Just a note of thanks Buddah. Incase I haven't said it before, "thank you" for your contributions here at RR. I appreciate the assistance with all the threads and discussions you've started here over this last year. Thanks again.
  2. Sounds good Buddah and fair enough. I'm on the road traveling right now and won't be around as much as I usually I am until next week or so. You do whatever you need to do to keep your sanity and we'll see you after the draft. (hopefully)

    Take care
  3. Top of the morning to you Dr.

    Thanks for tweeting my thread.

    Just to give you a head's up. I won't be posting on the Forum or RR until the draft unless something of consequence regarding the Raptors happens beforehand.

    Its gotten a bit too crazy for me with all this sign and trade stuff especially when I really think that Bosh will stay. I could obviously be wrong but based upon what I think I just find all this sign and trade talk a bit much. Also some of the new posters; i.e. rookies seem like they might be trolling for another team because they would love to steal Bosh from the Raptors.

    Anyway, I think hoops fans are generally bored if they don't support one of the four still standing so they are just posting a lot of stuff that doesn't interest me.

    I do really believe that Bosh will stay. I just hope that his knees aren't really falling apart and that the Raptors don't get stuck with a max contract invalid in about four years.

    I have contacted some other members of the board and mentioned that in the meantime; i.e. before June 24th if they want to discuss anything Raptors or hoops related they can just send me a message or vice versa.

    Take care my friend, do stay in touch and stay Raptors and life optimistic.
  4. Filthy McNasty?
  5. I didn't know you were a fan of Filthy McNasty. UROK
  6. Thanks Dr..
  7. I'll have a chat with him Buddah.
  8. Jokes on the forum about sex are probably a little outside the comfort zone for some. However jokes about certain segments of society are in my opinion beyond what is comfortable. When someone combines the two well you decide.
    Get 'Er Done: "What one rednecks say when they have an orgasm, usually from riding in their "hot Chevy" or watching too much Girls Gone Wild...."

    "MMM...Yeah, 60 miles per hour damnit, GET Er' Done!!!"
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