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  1. You'll love it. The Byward Market has tons of great bars and restaurants and you'll also get to watch some great live basketball this year with the Ravens. the best CIS basketball program in Canada. Enjoy buddy.
  2. Will do sir. Still a couple months before I head over there. Hopefully Ottawa is fun :P
  3. Wicked man. You'll have to hit me up when you arrive in town this fall. Catch a Raptors game somewhere.
  4. Carleton for Civil Engineering. Can't wait ;D
  5. Congrats buddy. Carleton or Ottawa U.? What are you taking?
  6. Guess who's coming to Ottawa for the next 4 years
  7. Doc, can you chang emy name to Gurk. IDK why but I forgot to write that as my username. Thanks
  8. Much appreciated Gurk.
  9. There you go good sir. Siggy has been changed as per your request
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