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  1. Sorry I am a bit slow in getting this email off. I sent an email to Arse and he said to email you so I am finally doing it. Though I am not quite sure why he said to email you. Below find my email to him along with his response. Thanks

    Arsenalist - Thu Sep 30th, 2010

    No prob, Buddah, you should email AltRaps and ask him to link you up.

    # Buddahfan
    Buddahfan - Tue Sep 28th, 2010


    Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Following in the tradition of the true Libertarian and contrarian that I am I decided to set up a Raptors related blog.


    I am right now waiting approval on using a photo of the Raptors mascot in my header/background. In the meantime I may or may not put up an article or two.

    You can see from the blog description what the blog is about.

    In order to devote time to this new blog as well as at least one other that I have in mind to setup, in addition to my NBA 25-15 blog I will be reducing my posting efforts here.

    I feel it is time to spread my wings on this. It is far more important for me to be able to express my perspective in a "quieter" environment that it is to be heard in a noisier one.

    I know that I am not a writer but more of a numbers guy. However, since these are my blogs and I am writing for my own gratification and not to drive traffic to them it really doesn't matter on how well I write. What matters is that I will now be able to express my opinions about hoops related issues that interest me in a "quieter" environment.

    I will still remain logged in to Raptors Republic and reading, however I will just not be posting so much in the future as I have in the past.

    I imagine that many of my articles on Raptors180 will present an opposing view to articles and posts that are written here.
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