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  1. Hey James,
    thanks for the shout out, I was a tad late in catching up on the Chappelle show but ive watched the season 2 dvds so many times, I can recite
    and yeah, i agree, better to put out 2 classic seasons than to fade away with not so funny stuff.
    Hopefully our Raptors can put out at least a couple classic seasons themselves and surprise some of the critics.
    have a good day buddy
  2. Hey Rikk, just want to say hello!

    I gotta tell ya that I love Chappelle Show! I think it had the best/perfect two first seasons of any show in TV history. In a way, I glad Dave walked away - I like comparing it to a 10-year career minor league baseball pitcher who unexpectedly gets his first chance to play in the majors as a late September call-up; and who than unexpectedly retires after pitching a back-to-back no-hitter and perfect game in his first 2 major league starts.
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