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  1. Happy Birthday man. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  2. Honestly, I prefer Jose to Jack. I don't know why, but I think that at least Calderon could still become a great play-maker like the 08 season. If he can ball-handle and pass like that year, we can expect Bargs, Weems and DeRozan to get the ball ;D But, I see a gloomy future for the PG spot for the Raptors, next years draft, we better be scouting Point Guards...
  3. Depends on your definition of a "real" point guard. Personally I'm happy with Jack at the reigns, but I think its safe to say that come the end of October someone that won't be a PG on the Raptors roster is Jose.
  4. Hey, do you think we have a chance at landing a real point guard sometime between now and Christmas. I just hate the thought of Jack bringing the ball up, sorry. HAHA
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