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  1. Cheers brutha. Only another month or so before camp opens.
  2. haha exactly i dont think you could of witnessed anything near as exiting if you were still here, glad to have ya back tho
  3. It was pretty cool. We waited for about 3 hours only to see them whiz by us in a matter of 5 seconds. LOL.

    Even still and eventhough I'm not really a cycling fan, its not that often that you get a front row seat for such a huge event like the Tour de France.

    Glad to back in Canada though.
  4. wow, sounds like a trip to me dont know how you came back haha the tour de france must of been a blast
  5. Fantastic. Visited family in England and then finished it off with 5 days in Paris. Even caught the last day of the Tour de France.
  6. no worries Doc, been a busy summer for all of us.... how'd the vacation treat ya?
  7. Glad to have you here. Sorry for the slow reply. I've been on vacation for the last couple weeks and only logging back on today.
  8. hey doc, all i got to say is thanks for accepting me to the raps family greatly appreciate it truly an honour. look forward to talking hoops with ya for a long tome
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