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  1. I am just becoming familiar with Synergy' database.

    One of the neat features of it is. You can select a player and then click on a specific play. It will then show you the actual game play of all the times that that player attempted that shot during the season. It automatically goes through them. I have only used it once so far. I wanted to look at Amir's Spot-Up shots. It didn't take that long as their weren't too many.

    I think you can even stop it and go back to see a play again.

    If you don't want to go through the entire list of that particular shot taken by a specific player, there is the shot list description of each shot so can just click on that shot.

    So for example if you want to go back and look at a specific shot that a specific player took in a specific game you can do that. I tried re-watching an entire game but there were some problems with excessive memory usage and excessive cache build up and I am using a Windows 7 64 bit machine with 4 GB of RAM. The computer though has a slightly below average speed processor so that might have a negative affect on streaming these games. Though I have had no problem streaming WNBA or FIBA games live.

    However looking at specific plays by a player or the series of that play by the player was no problem the one time that I have tried it with the small sample of shots for that player.

    One word of warning.

    I have three computers on my home network and one of them is an old machine 2003 running XP SP3 with 2GB of memory. I don't recall the processor speed. In any case that computer can't really handle the video at all and has a lot of trouble loading the stats, taking for ever and ever..

    I think that the video feature is worth a lot more than the stats. That is why I think that they might charge a lot more than $30 for an entire season. We shall find out shortly
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