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    yea g, league Pass is only way, they play about 3 games a week but only teams like Miami, Lakers and Milwakee (cus its australian TV line) so since the raps arent doing too well they dont get air time haha, excpt the Nets games in London, they played both them which i was psyched bout haha, my mates support lakers nd spurs nd shit so they always give me shit haha.
    I still havnt seen the Primo pasta ad yet, its not on utube or in NZ haha.
    im pissed im gonna miss the first 3 weeks of playoffs, going away tomoro fo 3 weeks, doing outward bound. so if i dont reply its cus im away
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    Hahaha! yea he just keeps everything inside, then when hes traded and his team and FANS appreciate him hes gonna go beserk and reward them with god performances! he looks embarassed, while Jose still as animated as ever. yea i want to know what actualy goes on in his mind ike 'i wish i was playing' or whether he actually just ponders trades, or something. one of the only reasons ill be annoyed if Bargs is traded is i just bought his raptors jersey off haha! and im from New Zealand so its difficult to buy sometimes.
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    Haha yea holy shit his missus is fiiine haha, italian supermodel aye?
    Man they were shocking against the Cavs, hmmm the diffrnce being who? oh yea Bargs haha
    tbh though, for some reason he doesnt ever seem to show emotion haha, i dont think ive ever seen him smile when not playing? i think he has confidence problems from being constantly dissed and underated, that will put a player down for sure
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    Hahaha he probs just thought 'ill play against NY cus i can score well against them' but turns out hes NOT invincible and lasts 8 mins aha. Hopefuly he plays the even worse Cavs and pads his stats again hah
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    Yuuussssss, according to yahoo nba box score it says Bargs is starting! no jose though
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    oh god dammit haha i like watching Bargs play, now JJ and Davis gonna have to take over haha
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    Whoa daym! Bargs in Lakers would be interesting, but ive always hated the Lakers especially Kobe haha. Clippers would be cool also, him and B griffs, give Raptors Kaman.

    I have a bad feeling though, they saying that they might sit Jose and Bargs out for rest of season, which could indicate they are saving them for trades, or it could just mean giving the younger guys playing time and testing them out consistently without the main players.
    Did Bargs make the trip to NY? he would usually love to play them haha
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    I think maybe they traded Belli because hes pretty much a pure scorer adn they needed a hustler in Julian Wright? Judging buy JuJus current stance on the team, was probably better to keep Bellineli ashe he would atleast contribute something.

    I agree with you on if BC isnt extended he may get traded. I was listening to NBA Today April 4th podcast, and the guy discussed alot of what the Raptors should do, he suggested different types of trades for Bargnani his last one was Bargs and our 1st round pick this year for Steve Nash and Marcin Gortat, he was pretty convinced it sounded good, Nash in Toronto woud be awesome considering hes Canadian, but not sure how Bar would fit in Pheonix.
    I still would definately rather he go Denver or NY if anything, but the Nash trade would be very beneficial, even send Jose to Pheonix or Denver for something in return?

    What trades would you prefer Bargs involved in if he goes?
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    Holy shit that would be incredible! it would give me more reason to keep watching Raptors! ahaha, the Bargs and Gallo = 'The Mob' our own Mafia, Felton is better well rounded than Jose whcih would fit in real well, i hope the denver GM would do that deal but we'd probs have to give up a bit more which would probly be Bargs but man, if that went through... i also think that having the two Italians together would boost them confidence wise an would get along really well.

    And i agree with you on the surrounding Bargs with better al round team and coaches rather than a junior school coach and alot of scrubs he has to carry around game to game aha, exception of ed and james johnson aha

    Do you think they will actually trade Bargs?
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    Yea and i could definately see a trade pulled off between Toronto and Denver with Bargs for Felton as main exchange pieces, i just badly want bargs to go to another team, turn out awesome in theri play syle and then see all the haters reactions, it makes me smile all the time over the possibility haha
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