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    He is perfect for the job - cone in and push hard on the other team's big, foul him 5 times and tire him out so our small bigs can survive. 82games is missing the point if he is a weaker player...
  2. Thread: Plan B

    by EaseMyPain

    Nash has not signed on with the Knicks yet!

    The gamble that didn't pay off is what bugs me. Instead of developing a different plan, we sat on our hands and went on the Nash assumption.

    Making a move at point is foolish. Frankly, Lowry and...
  3. Yes Nash!

    A few things.
    1) Nash pays for himself in marketing sales etc. and makes the financial situation of the team stronger.
    2) Nash in must equal Calderon out.
    3) Nash in instead of Lowry means that...
  4. My Favourite Player in the World

    ... is Jose. If we can get this deal, take it. In a heartbeat, take it. If we are still lost in our search for a good point to lead the show, we can make a run at him in a season and a half when he...
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    Poll: Battles of the "aires"

    Who can take sides when these guys are all making a ton of cash off of those of us Lebron says have to go to their jobs everyday and live their lives of shit?

    The fan is the one who pays and gets...
  6. It won't be an easy job, getting love for Toronto...

    It won't be an easy job, getting love for Toronto from American players. It is an irrational thing. Players love coming to this town for games because the restaurants are fantastic and, apparently,...
  7. Poll: Stop Dumping on Bargnani

    The guy has never given any indication that he was what the Raps keep trying to make him into. He is an offensive player primarily. He was a lazy defender from the start and has improved greatly in...
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    Time to get him!

    Quick, before he goes to the Euroleague - only place more accepting of weed than Canada. Too bad there isn't a team in Vancouver for him.

    The weed I could care less about. Government should find a...
  9. The Leaf Ownership

    Leaf Ownership (teachers Fund) spends the dollars as much as they are allowed to and brought in the big time GM (Burke) to handle the hockey decisions. He sucks. But he is not ownership, but is...
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    I do not see any good centers in the 2012 draft...

    I do not see any good centers in the 2012 draft unless you think Salinger will be one, though he is kind of short. Looks like a SF draft and, woah, we need one of those now that the center position...
  11. Whaaaa?

    You take a shot at Oden for a couple of million at the most ! Portland is doing a Gilbert Arenas on this. If they pay him for one year at the qualifying offer or give him say 10 million over 3 years,...
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    Give Bargnani and colangelo a break

    Toronto Fans are acting like impatient children again. We complain that our teams suck, and never do what it takes to get good, but then we have no patience with a process to make us a good team. A...
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    To finish, Biyombo is at least going to be a...

    To finish, Biyombo is at least going to be a cheaper version of Reggie.
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    Love this guy!

    I would be very happy to see a few moves by BC. First off, if you can get him, get a big ass like Kanter. If not, we'll take a point. I'm easy with Wright or Walker (Irving being out of range). With...
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    Poll: Bargnani has been like a manipulative little...

    Bargnani has been like a manipulative little North American kid who gets overindulged and gets lazy and will never reach his potential. He has never been held accountable. Even when Sam tried to make...
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    A Coach with More Pedigree? Where does the Pedigree trail end?

    First of all, a coach with pedigree can't move his ass on defence either.

    Secondly, did we not hire Colagelo as a GM with pedigree? He was brought in by MLSE to have enough "pedigree" that the...
  17. I like old bench guys

    Never can be certain that BC does not jump back and try to grab a Jermaine O Neal redux, but I hope he is going to stick with the plan, for at least a year. I could see him drafting a young big and...
  18. Perk up! It is always a bitch to be Sterned (like...

    Perk up! It is always a bitch to be Sterned (like he didn't engineer the Cleveland things), but BC's best work is done when he creates something out of nothing. Give him a choice of top free agents,...
  19. Yeah, but they would have taken Bargnani with the...

    Yeah, but they would have taken Bargnani with the fifth pick as well.
  20. Sorry, but Stern decides.

    Stern always gets in there to basically fix the draft. Think: who needs the pick most from a marketing standpoint?

    Cleveland needs a ray of hope.

    Sacramento is in trouble - put them in the mix....
  21. You may be right! Evan Turner was a lock at the...

    You may be right! Evan Turner was a lock at the 2nd pick, but no one would take him there now. Kanter may be the steal of the draft and a foundation player. I would love to see him play. I am...
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    Thanks for not flaming me. I was referring to an...

    Thanks for not flaming me. I was referring to an idea, perhaps in my own head, that Biyumbo would be seen as a "redundancy" too similar to Davis and Johnson (and Johnson). I was suggesting that his...
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    Redundancy? Biyumbo

    Biyumbo is not the seven footer we need, but watch the hoops summit and he may be better. Crazy rim protection from a guy who looks like he will be able to guard anyone someday. I want him. BC, get...
  24. Do not Fear the Teacher's

    They spend to make their assets better. They just do not know what they are doing in terms of running a franchise. That is why they hired Burke and Colangelo - they finally understand that they do...
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    Kobe's head will prevent them from being Champs...

    Kobe's head will prevent them from being Champs again. Stop the volume shooting Kobe!
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