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  1. chance

    so you are saying, we have a chance.
  2. Thread: The Bargnaning

    by Ranly

    Poll: Calderon

    For the life of me, I don't know why the Raptor fans and management wants to get rid of Calderon. Because he was hurt last year,he wasn't the best defender in the NBA. This year he has improved. He...
  3. Slapping

    "You cann't go into a fist fight slapping" that's a Fu*king classic. Calling your team a bunch of sissies now is kind of late, Jay. You should have grown some onions earlier in the season when you...
  4. Replies

    Poll: robbed

    This year's dunk contested was very entertaining compare to the previous years;however, once again Demar was robbed. The second dunk from Demar had me screaming like a Bit*h. Thanks for representing...
  5. Demar

    Ric bucher is correct to a point. Demar is perfect example of a player improved numbers on a bad team. There are improvements on his game because he is playing more minutes, more plays are run for...
  6. Jay have forgotten that he is a head coach and...

    Jay have forgotten that he is a head coach and not an assistance. This team needs a real head coach. Demar or Andrea are not Franchise players. They are decent role players. For Christ sake...
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