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    Gerald Henderson available

    this morning's news, Gerald Henderson is available after contract negotiations stalled with Bobcats. Details available here:...
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    let's put a defensive stop on the 'Future Hall of...

    let's put a defensive stop on the 'Future Hall of (L)Famer'
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    given the new complexion of the team, I would...

    given the new complexion of the team, I would suggest to pursue either one of these 2 PGs, and I think they could be obtained at a reasonable trade offer, which would include some of the spare parts...
  4. New Post at 'The Fan Hub': Pistons might be after Calderon?

    A post at the popular web outlet suggests that the Pistons should pursue Jose Calderon, and offer Corey Maggette and Austin Daye in return. I certainly, for one, hope that Colangelo is not...
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    another bargnani trade proposal

    this one makes sense to me: bargnani for gerald henderson and desagana diop from charlotte bobcats. charlotte just lost another game and need a change, and quick. getting bargnani would add an option...
  6. Thread: Feschuk?

    by database_666

    feschuk is sorely needed now. He was the first...

    feschuk is sorely needed now. He was the first one to point out Colangelo's culpability, lack of the proper team improvement vision, and of BC's drafting and trading mistakes. Oh yes, he also...
  7. Here is why we should not trade for Pau Gasol

    with the internet buzzing about Gasol's diminishing performance, there were numerous propositions to trade Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani for Gasol. Here are the reasons, in my opinion, why that...
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    indifference legacy

    officiating mistakes are always easy to commit against Toronto and get away with it. It is not only about the refs throwing 'jump ball' towards Utah players twice last night or not calling any fouls...
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    Time to hit the 'Panic' button?

    I am interested in the fan's base prospective in lieu of what transcribed since the start of the season, and here are the most intriguing matters, in my opinion:
    1. The Defense: Toronto coach has...
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    Dr does not play or feel like a starting guard in...

    Dr does not play or feel like a starting guard in NBA. He succumbed early in the career to the raps collective infectious disease - aversion to taking the ball to the basket. Ball is cheap, shoot as...
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    since we are talking about it already, would...

    since we are talking about it already, would someone care to interpret this team's vision for the future, short or long term? i do not understand how any sports team management board would tolerate...
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    now, about peja contract and such.... just this...

    now, about peja contract and such.... just this weekend, suns were able to ship out turko(u)glu, whose contract is far longer and worse than stojakovic's, and get something in return. if stojakovic...
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    the numbers are deceiving because they apply to...

    the numbers are deceiving because they apply to the intervals of the game when evans played only, numbers were not prorated for the entire duration of the game, and only then, as a percentage,...
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    thank you for the quote, those are amazing...

    thank you for the quote, those are amazing facts, if they are verified. again, the numbers might be deceiving, but, i do not think that anyone could deny that evans is by far the leading rebounder...
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    I think this forum should come up with a...

    I think this forum should come up with a definitive stance towards reggie evans' tenure on the raptors team. many times re-iterated, i will say it again: trading evans now or anytime soon would be a...
  16. Dampier type of a player is not what Toronto needs

    It is a memory that lasts for a long time: a talented but underachieving Dallas team was in turmoil, few years back. The most glaring deficiency was in the rebounds column, where mavericks offered...
  17. Were there no other options?

    Inasmuch all of the Raptors fans are happy to see a disgruntled player leave, I still wonder if the selection of Barbossa and Diaw in return are the best option this team's management had. This team...
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    I thought that Cleveland Cavalier owner's message...

    I thought that Cleveland Cavalier owner's message was reflective of a professional sports enthusiast appropriate on any level... from a owner down to the last fan. That is something we miss around...
  19. this Turk(ugly) trade should go down

    there is a glut of willing and physically capable players on the orlando roster, playing the same position and getting miniscule minutes to contribute. in particular: Pietrus, Barnes, and Bass. If...
  20. Emphatic NO to this trade proposal

    this trade proposal surely fits into category of non feasible ones, for a number of reasons.
    1. Raptors would lose 2 core components of the team, while getting interesting pieces which do not serve...
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    pros and cons

    I would agree that such a trade should be considered, yet, with a different perimeters. If we were to look for the best benefit for Toronto in a potential trade with New Jerseyj I would suggest to...
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    The Morning After vs. Portland

    Last night's loss to Portland again showcased some of the disturbing trends that need to be discussed:
    1. First Quarter Conceding: home team allowed a 'back to back', tired, and from a different...
  23. beasley should not be an option

    beasley is a precise definition of what this team does not need. another outside shooter with obvious distaste to attack the rim or play perimeter defence in continuum. I would say a definite no to...
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