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    Raptors spritezone/microsoft tickets

    presale for regular season tickets go on sale today. Did they get rid of sprite zone seating or is it just not available for the presale? I see min ticket prices are $30 and $52 for miami
  2. hah if there dirt cheap

    hah if there dirt cheap
  3. Raptors Tickets? UPDATE: Pre season on sale tomorrow!

    I know it's early but does anyone know the exact date when single game seats go on sale?
  4. I couldnt believe sonny responded so fast.......

    I couldnt believe sonny responded so fast.... take a look at these two vids as well... there are just highlights within the video... the one block party has HUGE blocks by weems and derozan.... the...
  5. Getting Sonny Weems & DeMar DeRozan Out To The Pavilion

    Hi everyone,

    I was the guy that got Sonny and Demar to come out to the pavilion in thornhill on wednesday and all i have to say was it was such a treat to play with them.... a buddy and i were...
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