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  1. Thread: Rant/Poll

    by stuttgart1

    Poll: Rant/Poll

    Esteemed RR members,

    I feel that part of the reason the Raptors have been mediocre in recent memory is because the Toronto Sports media handles them with kid gloves.

    Personally I am sick and...
  2. yeah, except he is black too...

    yeah, except he is black too...
  3. Chris Bosh seen partying in South America after game 3 against the Celtics??

    My fellow RR readers,

    Have a short story for you. So my buddy gets back from South America last night and tells me of all things he was at a club in Montevideo, Uruguay on May 4th and supposedly...
  4. Conflicting reports about bosh to heat in sign-and-trade deal

    please someone tell me that this is a lie.

    beasley is the biggest cry baby in the NBA, Dude went to 6 different HS.
    He is always blaming his current team...
  5. From coach of the year to fired in 2 years

    Another coach has been let go after winning the coach of the year award in the prior year. i think this might give Smitch something to smile a little about tonight...
  6. That man, the one with the clipboard, he looks so lost

    Jay must be in total denial. Sometimes when listing to him talk I feel like someone from the front office is talking to the media and not the actual coach of the team. Such a "yes man" it makes me...
  7. umm yeah

    Please tell me you are High. Please.

    No one cares what he did last year and we are all sick of hearing about it blah blah Turk in Orlando balh blah blah playoff potential.... enough with...
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