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    not so fast

    Don't be so quick to toss Larry Brown aside...I mean seriously, you can't have too many high profile assistant coaches on one team!! ;)
  2. Very cool site! Thanks for the link Buddha.

    Very cool site! Thanks for the link Buddha.
  3. Could Bargs work at the PF spot?

    Okay guys, knowing that we're looking at Bargs' numbers and knowing that a massive rebounding improvement is less than likely, maybe it's time to start looking at Bargs at the PF?

    If you did a...
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    Personally, I think a platooning might be the...

    Personally, I think a platooning might be the solution. Keeping the young gunz together is a good idea...and putting them against the backups of the league will keep the tempo up. So I would be...
  5. The Eternal Optimist In Me Has Finally Hit The Turning Point - Blow This S#@! Up!!

    Okay, I've been known as that guy that finds the silver lining in every move BC has made since taking the reigns as GM for our beloved raps, but I think I've finally turned the corner on this one....
  6. Leader of the Raptor Pack

    I have to agree with brothersteve. I'm upset that no one came to Bosh's defence other than the coaches, but I'm also skeptical that Bosh would have come to anyone else's defence in the same...
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