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  1. I'll vote for unproven at this point (no pun intended)

    It's a good question. My 2 cents is that the Raptors best play are small bets with high risk as opposed to medium sized bets with low risk.

    It is early days, but its fair to state that Ujiri is...
  2. Great post Craiger

    Great post. Its all well and good to project improvement / hope for improvement - but, statistically speaking, there is a window of time where that is, in any reasonable way, relevant.

    I don't...
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    Yep! Does anyone really think Bargs can be...


    Does anyone really think Bargs can be traded for an asset or assets that would be of greater value to the Raptors than exercising the amnesty provision?

    Under the new CBA, and given...
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