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    Man makes a good point BUT.... I think He...

    Man makes a good point BUT....
    I think He underestimates the desperation of a GM who needs to cut costs...

    Also anyone who wants Collison over CP3 is on drugs considering, when healthy, CP3 is...
  2. Tpe

    don't forget that Raptors are getting a seperate Trade exception for The turk trade around 2.7 to 3 mil
  3. BC is cleaver

    All in all I'm happy, it rids the raptors of, arguably, their two worst defenders and turk was a black hole on offense, if he had the ball he'd jack a fade away 3 or long 2.

    Barbosa, Diaw and...
  4. Jose to Charlotte

    couldn't see Jose going to Charlotte either, if you can't play D you can't play for Larry Brown
    I wouldn't want to see Jack go, he's average but solid nonetheless, good contract too
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