The Raptors' new starting lineup is the league's best defensive lineup that has played at least 100 minutes. But Rudy Gay missed Saturday's OT loss in Milwaukee with back spasms and Jonas Valanciunas was benched for Andrea Bargnani. It can't be because Valanciunas was shooting too much. The rookie had a total of just 24 field goal attempts in his previous eight games.

Just noticing...

a) Nice to hear mention of the fact that the current starting unit is (excluding Bucks game), as I suspected just from watching, stellar defensively.

b) Just seems that everybody is wondering what exactly JV has to do to get on the floor....?

Please play guys who earn it Casey. Please play lineups that make sense, and actually take advantage of matchups that you can use, rather than create favorable ones for the other team. I wonder how many more times we'll have to see a Bargs-Fields frontcourt...? and I wonder if we can get a shot of the other teams' eyes' lighting up every time we do...?