Hi, I'm new to the forum and I wanted to make a contribution, so if there are any skilled HTML coders here (not me) I want to suggest two things. I use another forum which is also on Tapatalk. It's a forum for football (soccer) team Bayern Munich (doubt any of you heard of them) and they have a couple of good things in their forum that I wanted to suggest here.

1) Live chat - This is a thing where the admins can make a chat room and open it during games so that users can discuss the match on live chat. This could be pretty useful here.

2) Thanking - This can be used when you read a post and really like or respect it and decide to show your appreciation towards the post you can "thank" it. People can have thanks given to them tallied up and put next to their name on posts. This will encourage useful posting.

I hope this inspires someone, and I hope I have contributed well.
Thanks for reading!