Came across an article by Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports about Rudy Gay.

It's mostly fluff, but I found this section interesting:

The struggling Raptors appear to believe in Gay. General manager Bryan Colangelo already views him as the face of the franchise, and a source said he will likely offer a contract extension in the offseason.
Really!?!?!? This doesn't make sense to me. Gay's got 17 mill coming to him next year, and a player option of 19 mill the year after. The way you offer Gay an extension is because you think he'll be worth MORE when he becomes a free agent than he is worth NOW. Based on the fact that he is making max money, I don't see how he can be worth more. It's not like coangelo can't offer him max money two years from now, so I don't see what his rush is. Maybe he thinks that Rudy will agree to take a less than max contract since his stock is low right now, but again if i'm rudy, i don't know why I wouldn't wait.

Thinking about it further, it makes me think there must be some financial considerations, I don't know. To me it just seems like you're making the team even less financially flexible, which i do think is an issue.

I don't know, maybe I'm missing something.