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Thread: National Post: Raps troubles all too familiar

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    Hmm. I still think you stick with Casey until the team loses more games than it should. As the author notes, this team is still flawed and we need to keep building. Standing pat now and then firing Casey will likely lead to the next guy getting fired a couple years later too. To me it just makes no sense to keep replacing head coaches when the real flaw is in the roster.

    While I believe there probably is a better answer out there, currently to me the reality is that "super motivator" guy still isn't going to take this team far, not the way it has been constructed.
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    Quote BallaBalla wrote: View Post
    Bruce Arthur is awsome....

    But I'm not sure that there was a point to this article.

    If you look at our roster going in to next year, there is no reason why we wouldn't be making the playoffs, at around the 6th seed. It all just happened too late this year
    The point is that the sports editorial board at the paper decided to make it clear that they're anti-Colangelo (kind of like how newspapers choose a party or candidate to back in an election). And kudos to them for taking a stance; I think, at this point, they're the first paper to really pick a side.

    This article reminds me of when Feschuk used to cover the Raps for the Star. Man, he was so depressing, and I was happy when they moved him off ball. But I wish he was covering the team now, because he had no fear of ripping anyone apart, and that's what's needed right now.

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