Our record since aquiring Rudy Gay: 8-7. Above 0.500, with notable wins against the Knicks (twice) and Denver. That's not bad for losing your starting point guard and adding a player who has immediately become the focus of the offense mid-season. Yet everything I read is about how bad we are now, how the team is flawed and aquiring Gay was stupid for financial reasons, because you know how we totally could have gotten a better, cheaper, wing in a different deal . The truth is, we are still a much much better team with him on the roster and trading an expiring Jose and Ed Davis for a top 10 small forward is a good move.

A lot of people seem to be upset over the fact that this signals the rebuilding throught the draft part is over, and to them I ask: what did you think was going to happen when we traded our pick for Lowry? That we were going to tank for no pick, just so we could tank even better next year? Rediculousness. Brian Colangelo, for better or worse, picked up 2 young borderline all-stars for Ed Davis, a pick, and an expiring Jose and it's hard to say that's a bad move.

Did it suck that we went on a losing streak and lost our shot at the playoffs? Absolutley, and it shows that this team needs to toughen up mentally, because those losses were the product of bad decisions and streaky play. Maybe we need a new coach or maybe we just need more time as a team. Regardless, we finally have a star wing player, something everyone on these forums has wanted for years now. We have a solid shooting guard in Demar and n matter what you think of him, he'd start on all but a few teams in this league. Amir Johnson has looked phenominal and has basically played like his contract says he should, Jonas is every bit as impressive as anticipated, Kyle Lowry is very very good, and Terrance Ross...well he one the dunk contest! Point is, this is the best Raptor team we fielded since 2007 and regardless of our record at the end of this year, things are actually looking good in Raptor land.