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Thread: Raptors Republic TV: LOUD CROWD NOISE!!!

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    Default Raptors Republic TV: LOUD CROWD NOISE!!!

    Fantastic job by our very own James Ballswin (Realizar). Cheers brutha on your first installment of Raptors Republic's "Loud Crowd Noise".

    As I mention on the blog tonight, special kudos to Colin. Man, he was a natural in front of the camera. Great job and I hope to see more from you guys.

    With the glitz and glamour surrounding NBA All-Star weekend, we thought we’d use this moment to drop some fresh extra flavour to ‘the game’ by releasing the premiere episode of our new RRTV original weekly series called LOUD CROWD NOISE!!!
    Source - Click here

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    Much respect Doc! There will be more of these in the upcoming weeks - now it's time to spread the word like the Flu!

    Stay tuned everyone!
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    I've just been informed that a fragmented version of our RRTV premiere episode of LOUD CROWD NOISE!!! will be broadcast tonight on RaptorSpace at 6:30pm on RaptorsTV.

    Additionally, stay tuned for the second episode of LOUD CROWD NOISE!!! airing later tonight exclusively on RRTV.

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    Great job man...this is sick...

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