I've been frustrated with the rotations and sub-patterns BUT I voted to keep Dwane Casey.

We NEED to fire Bryan Collangelo FIRST. Let the new GM have a year with Casey.....then he can decide if Casey is the coach that we need to move forward with.

I must admit that my only issues with Dwane Casey has been his stubborness to play AB "come hell or high water" and his other sub patterns such as leaving in the bench too long/hockey lineups/Not playing JV in crunch time.

I'm willing to give Casey the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his handling of the rookies (He knows much more than we do and Demar and Ed have both improved greatly under Casey's leadership). I also understand his preference to play AA over Ross because lets be honest.....AA is better than Ross at THIS moment (potential aside). I have no doubt that Ross will end up being a better player....but he needs to put in the work over the summer and I hope he learnt what it takes from watching AA steal his minutes.

I actually like Dwane Casey.....This team always seems to play HARD for him. I just wish he would work on the above "issues" because he can be an excellent head coach for us. He definitely NEEDS an offensive minded assistant coach to help him run plays in crunch time so that we don't continue to lose games in the 4th (when defences tighten up).

Overall I think we should be asking for Bryan's head on a platter. Casey deserves the chance to coach a team with a competent GM running the show (BC always seems to have holes in his rosters). A head coach can only do so much with the talent he's given!! We have Rudy, now we need a GM who can clean up the mess BC has created and deal with the AB situation.

I'm looking forward to the next few months to see what happens.