Casey on the need for three-point shooting next year:

“Corner threes. We dearly need it. We’re 22nd or 23rd in three-point shooting. To open up the floor for DeMar and Rudy, we need somebody to get that shot. We need consistent three-point shooting to open up.

There’s nowhere for he or DeMar to go (with no three-point threats).

Could be next evolution of DeMar’s career. Rudy is still struggling with his back I think that effects his shot from the first week he’s here.” As I pointed out last game, DeRozan has had far more success shooting corner threes than his long attempts from elsewhere on the court, so there’s a good chance he can add that to his arsenal.

Nice to hear Casey talk about this. This team takes way too many high 3s, and not nearly enough corner 3s, because they don't have great shooters there. That's what Demar, and Ross, have to spend time on in the summer, because they should both have ample opportunities there playing with Lowry, Gay and even as the last spot on ball swings that start on a kickout from JV. I don't think it will come from Gay because he just won't be in that spot. Demar will have to provide it with the starters, and Ross for the bench, with Fields being an x-factor if his shot is at all salvageable. We'll see if any additions (maybe backup PG?) help in that department.

Also really happy he didn't mention AA in that little snippet. Probably doesn't mean anything...I just want that guy gone so badly.

Wasn't sure if I should put this in with the very angry Casey-related threads out there, but feel free to merge.