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PREDICTION:Nilanka & P00ka, are, were, or will be secret lovers, it didn't/won't last very long, but it was/is/will be unforgettable. Of course, as secret lovers, we'll never know the details...
lmfao, thanks for the big chuckle.

For the record, Nilanka and I had some intense battles over on the front page months ago (Summer, I think), sometimes wandering off into ridiculous territory. At one point, I tried to mend wounds and see if we could achieve some level of acceptance of each other through my admission of fault. He turned that around and had been using those frank/honest admissions against me in sneak attacks, thus my calling him a sniveling weasel. I'm guessing he got as tired of it as I was, and we were pretty much leaving each other alone. Then he came calling with another couple of sneak attack cheap shots a couple of weeks ago, so you have that to thank for whatever entertainment value you get out of the current situation. He doesn't want to back off, and I'm not going to run away from a sniveling weasel, but take some runs at him, with prejudice.