Hey guys, first time ever posting here yet long time viewer. I was wondering what the republics thoughts would be of the raptors trying to trade into this draft and pick up Mr. Olynyk. I mean yeah we have the obvious argument that he is Canadian but along with this comes the fact that he is seemingly a very mature individual, as well it's hard to argue with his season numbers of 17.7 points, seven rebounds and almost two assists a game. For a center that shoots 66.8 percent from the field and an a cool 37.5 percent from three he is intriguing. Put all that together with him showing he has the capacity to learn and improve his game I'd think he could be an imposing feature with Jonas. Coachability, talent an hard work, sounds like a fan favourite with more upside that we've seen in the past( ala Reggie Evans). Any way cheers and thanks to any others to add to the conversation.