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I hear what you're saying and fully respect your position. But the notion that a perennial draft lottery team without any bonafide all-star has any other need than the best talent available seems ludicrous to me. So even hypothetically speaking that Monroe and Drummond can't co-exist (although it's very early to judge that), don't you think that both of those guys are highly valued trade commodities that can be easily flipped for a 'need'?

I mean the Raps have already done this. Babcock drafted Charlie V, even when the Raps had an all-star PF (Bosh). CV actually had a good enough rookie year to become valuable enough asset to trade for a 'need', TJ Ford, who was considered a pretty good player at the time. Then immediately, they draft yet another PF, Bargs, who can't play with anybody. Still, up until this season, Bargs could have fetched a nice 'need' piece, yet for BC's man crush.

The Terrence Ross pick is so disappointing from the 'drafting for need' standpoint. I recall Casey being interviewed right after the draft. He looked so contented, saying stuff along the lines of, 'Ross is a shooter and we need shooting'. This is in my mind as a watch Ross airball a shot past the rim, and miss wide open threes consistently.
I agree on some level. You hear GM's say all the time that they're gonna draft the best player available. And I think that should be the rule (there's exceptions) for most picks in the top ten. The thing is the lines get fuzzy after the top ten and fifteen picks. It's going to be a combination of both. After the 15th pick it's not so clear who the top picks are.