I myself don't think that the Raptor's or the Leaf's should be raising their ticket prices for season ticket holders but any margin! First they should be proving that their team can make the playoffs first then maybe consider raising the prices! I am a season ticket holder for the Raptor's and for years I have been sup[porting them win or lose and not making the playoffs!!! This is how they treat their loyal subscribers! I personally will be giving it serious thought on wether to renew my season tickets. I know that 2.5 % is not much of a raise but it is the principle of the matter more then anything else for both the Leaf's and the Raptor's!! They have not shown their fan loyal fan base that they intend doing any better next year in comparison to this year! The Raptor's are currently in 9th place and I don't see this going any higher with the talent that they have now and maybe before the season is over they may drop further in the standings!! Anyways what do Raptor fans feel about an increase in season ticket prices!!!