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Here comes another hate on Bargs thread. Honestly the way Bargs was being used was pretty bad, especially since Gay got here. I think Bargs is fine (not #1 overall but just look at that top 10, most are rotting on the bench right now (or out of the NBA)). People need to get over it. He had a bad start to the season then got hurt, then Gay got here and the team got flipped on it's head. I think Bargs can still help this franchise if he's used properly. The couple last games that he played this season (when he started and got minutes) before he got hurt is the proof of that. He was grabbing 5+ rebounds and shooting fairly well and trying harder.

Either way, with Gays contract (and it seems like he's going to be getting an extension) the Raptors can't do crap. He has yet to prove he can be a #1 that can lead the team and has been shooting piss poor for the most part this season (both on the Raptors and Grizz). We are pretty much stuck in the same situation where we'll be 8th or 7th at best and will get knocked out before we can get anywhere.
... and getting paid $10M.

I think most people here are over Bargs.

I think you are the one who brought him up in this thread.

I think the Raptors will have more success with Rudy than Bargnani leading the charge - which is not setting a very high bar.