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Man! I rarely post on here, but I'm sick of people hating on Amir. If Amir left, of course it would make an impact on the Raptors rebuild... How could it not? It makes an impact each game when he is substituted out.

I know the guy doesn't have a polished offensive game, but that doesn't mean he isn't starter quality. You only need so many starters that can create or have plays called for them. It would be great if your bigs have some slicks post moves, but realistically, if you have solid perimeter players, you just need your bigs to be able to finish at the rim/close to the rim. That keeps defences honest on your post players. In that regard, Amir is actually one of the best on the team. He has the softest touch on the team, some of the best hands I've ever seen on a big (he catches some really crappy passes, even on the run), and is a great finisher.

People overlook that being able to catch the ball is a basketball skill (anyone remember butter-finger bosh?). The ability to play with high intensity/effort the entire game is a skill (Jordan, Kobe). The ability to finish around the basket with a soft-touch is a skill.

Yeah, he sometimes has awareness issues as people have mentioned (bad passes, etc.), but so do a lot of starters. When Gay dribbles into 2 defenders and tries to shoot over them without considering open teammates--I consider that an awareness problem. Yet people never doubt that he's a starter. How many turnovers did Rudy have against Charlotte? 6? How about Amir? Yet people bitch about his "boneheaded plays". If someone contributes points, rebounds, man defence, help defence, extra possessions (off. rebounds and diving for loose balls) while limiting his turnovers--screams positive benefit for the team.

The best teams have their dominant scorers and players with roles surrounding them. Amir is an examplary role player. An extreme example to make my point is Dennis Rodman. The guy was an amazing man defender, the best rebounder in history... but left a lot to be desired in other areas. Amir--not as strong as a man/post defender, Amir is a better help defender by far, not as strong a rebounder, but is no slouch...better offensive rebounder.. a better passer, a better shooter, can finish the pick and roll so defence has to respect him in the key... I could go on.
I mean, have you seen Rodman shoot free throws? The guy didn't give a crap. He just laughed and threw it at the rim... almost chest-passed it at the rim. Mutombo couldn't do anything but block and rebound... Those players do specific things better than Amir, but Amir is clearly the better all-around player... yet they are starters, and Amir can't be?

It also depends on the make-up of your team and what it needs. If you have crap perimeter players, then hopefully you have a post player with a strong offensive game. For the Raptors, Amir is exactly what we need. Starter in my eyes. I respect that other people have opinions, but I can't help feel that questioning Amir is ludacris.

**Edit** Amir had same number of turnovers as Gay last game... however Amir's season averages and career averages are still lower than Gay's.

Unbelievable, isn't it? As is the response you got from "white men can't jump". The point flew over some heads I guess, and as is often seen on here, taken as simply comparing player "x" to player "y" instead of the concept presented.

PS. I wonder where all the people are to own up to slagging BC for the contract he gave Amir. I bet there isn't a GM in the league that wouldn't love to have Amir for that price right now. I'd bet the same thing is going to happen with DeMar.