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Thread: Everything Amir Johnson

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    Quote Chr1s1anL wrote: View Post
    I like how people were so against around the trade deadline but now thier all on board for Boozer.
    Also, there were pretty big implications with the tax if they acquired him before the deadline. See the repeater tax issue.

    And still a pretty good chance this team would not have made the playoffs. They were what? 22-33 at the deadline, I believe. Assuming .500 for the playoffs, that would have meant going 19-8 in the last 27 games. That's crazy. That's like a .700 winning %. The only teams doing that well overall are Miami, San Antonio and OKC. I think we would just see a slightly better version of the team currently being trotted out, so maybe with Boozer, an at least .500 ballclub, or likely maybe just bit better...but not .700.

    I always said I didn't like the Boozer trade at the deadline. Even as a fallback option, there's a strong chance it's still there in the summer. Chicago clearly didn't go out to target Bargnani, he was just the best possible deal they could get for Boozer in terms of cost and fitting into their team. That will still be true in the summer. I think it actually made sense to wait out, if they didn't like the deal, screw it, see if Bargs bounces back (which he obviously didn't) while showcasing him...and again, regardless, the possibility should still be there after the season.
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