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And look at the teams Toronto has played:

Knicks x2
Miami x2
Boston x2
Indiana x2
LA Clippers
Golden State

You are reaching when you include Mavs and Blazers. Both are under .500.

I'm not ignoring the stats - you are my friend. TOronto is 10-11 since trade. Detroit is 6-15. Detroit is worse offensively and defensively than before the trade.

You lack of objectivity is especially telling with the bold statement. The Raptors are a better team now than they were before the trade.

You delusions with the memory of Jose is especially telling with the underlined statement. You clearly don't remember Jose pounding the ball as players stood watching one guy run off screens and the consistent 6-8 minutes stretches without a field goal. The Raptors offense was shit with Calderon and it is still shit without him. Miami put on a ball movement clinic today. The Raptors had no ball movement with Jose and they have no ball movement without him.
+1. these point guard arguments are stupid. Jose and Lowry can both run a team, but this teams offense is setting them up to look bad