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If changing for the sake of change, then I'd be inclined to agree. However, if making the change is to improve - whether the change is with ownership, management, coaching or the roster - then I completely disagree.

I was happy with Casey being hired and was impressed with the defensive improvements last season. However, I've been quite disappointed with the coaching this season, for several reasons, to the point that I am 50/50 (at best) about whether or not DC should be kept.

- the defensive improvements from last year have regressed this season
- the offense has shown no improvements this season
- the rotations and playing time have been inconsistent, preventing the core from developing solid on-court chemistry
- I'm not happy with the way the rookies have been treated in a 'building' year and have seen little development from them
- I don't like guys like Anderson & Lucas getting so much playing time, especially when they aren't likely part of the future
- some terrible coaching/substitution decisions in-game, especially with many 2nd half / 4th quarter collapses
- poor x's & o's, as evidenced by consistently bad inbounding plays coming out of timeouts

I'm not saying the entire season should fall squarely on the shoulders of DC and the coaching staff, but they should be critiqued fairly, which certainly wouldn't entail the glowing favorable review like last year's critique likely was.
I would love to have SVG as head coach next year if BC stays. Alternatively I would accept DC as head coach if BC goes. Some of the issues we see at the coaching level may be driven by BC.