I'm curious mainly for the reason I'm bored and love march madness. If we got a top 3 pick who would you draft? or what would you do with the pick. If i had my choice id trade away any of the picks. There has only been 3 players so far (pre march madness) that have really caught my eye and i would like to see in raps uniform. 1 Nerlends Noel, 2 Anthony Bennet (not just he's canadian.) 3 Trey Burke.

When drafting im thinking of our needs, another C (prob not best idea having two young C's), backup PF and PG (future and backup.) Noel is great defender and raw offensively, would be nice and there are mins available for him to develop at PF and C. I love Bennet's energy and athleticism would fit in perfectly here obviously would be instant fan favourite. Trey Burke i'm not really sure what it is i can just see his skills translating to the NBA and i dont see that in many players in this years draft. March madness always showcases all the young studs and we will all have better grasp of who we like but i'm curious pre madness as well.