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I would look to trade down with another team and get a lower pick plus another asset.

The experience Toronto has cannot be emphasized enough among the starters. DeRozan is no longer an inexperienced chump - nor is he about to be paid like one. There are a lot of successful teams with young talent among the starters and playing big minutes. TALENT is more important than anything else..... with a coach who believes in the ability of the player, of course.
I don't think the Raptors would be able to convince a team to trade up and relinquish another asset when everyone pretty much seems to agree that this draft is weak especially near the top of the draft.

If teams are weary of losing cap space then drafting in the top 3 could be bad considering those guys get more guaranteed money and are probably not going to be game changers in the league.

I would do it to if it was an option but I don't think it will be.