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Oh what do you know about rebounding? You're just a soft Euro

Further to your point, I think it would be interesting to see when a veteran team like Boston rebounds. I would assume that their rebounding rate increases quite a bit if looking specifically at the 4th quarter (i.e. when the game is on the line).

EDIT: Meanwhile, a team like the Raptors seem to give up a costly offensive rebound at the most inopportune times....
There still isn't enough statwise on the internet. Unfortunately all those teams using advanced stats who measure everything, aren't really open about it. It's a shame that guys like Pruiti (and Hollinger) who now work for teams and have access to all those stats aren't allowed to write about it anymore.

And, eh, about that Soft Euros stuff and rebounding. We get it very well, much better than you guys. What you guys don't realize is that rebounding takes time and energy. So, on offense, we don't go for offensive rebounds; this allows us to spare energy ánd get back in transition more easily. This way we can jog, not run. On defense, we do it the same way. We stay far away from the basket and we certainly don't box out; this again saves energy and gives us a better position on offense while our dumb opponent is in a terrible position for defense when he goes for the offensive rebound. He might catch up with us if he runs back on defense while we jog, but that costs so much energy; after the game he must be exhausted; we can still go for another game if needed. It's brilliant!