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Thread: MIAMI: Will the Heat beat the streak?

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    Default MIAMI: Will the Heat beat the streak?

    The Miami Heat: SO HOT RIGHT NOW!

    I was on and saw they had a little poll going about whether Miami would match the current record, 33 game winning streak. My first thought, "Who cares if they tie the record?” My second thought, “No?” My third thought, “What does their schedule look like?”

    Because I like answering my own questions almost as much as I like asking them I decided to pop over to the heat website.

    THE GOOD NEWS: My internet was soo sh!tty that wasn’t subjected to any of the gross pictures or video content normally on display. In fact I didn’t see much of anything other than white screen and black text (Blue and underlined where appropriate).

    THE BAD NEWS: It took me twenty-five African minutes (which, surprisingly, are the same length as the more familiar European minutes, American minutes, or even the sexually suggestive New York minute).

    To save all loyal readers’ of the republic the time and effort to check out the Heat’s schedule, I have pasted it below. Games that are more likely to be steak ending *(ITAHO) have been bolded.

    March Opponent
    Wed 20 @ Cleveland W
    Fri 22 vs Detroit W
    Sun 24 vs Charlotte W
    Mon 25 @ Orlando W Second game of a back 2 back also the road, but it’s also the Magic.
    Wed 27 @ Chicago Is D Rose Back?!?!? Does it matter? Does it matter in what way? Does it matter whether it matters in one way over another way? And what about the reverse?
    Fri 29 @ New Orleans W
    Sun 31 @ San Antonio Most likely place for streak to end.
    April Opponent
    Tue 2 vs New York ?????
    Fri 5 @ Charlotte W
    Sat 6 vs Philadelphia W Second night of a back to back, but it’s at home, and against the Sixers.
    Tue 9 vs Milwaukee W if no losses, this will be the game that sets a new record.
    Wed 10 @ Washington
    Fri 12 vs Boston
    Sun 14 vs Chicago
    Mon 15 @ Cleveland
    Wed 17 vs Orlando

    The way I see it, Miami has a shot to break this record. However, the road passes through San Antonio, who may still be battling OKC for homecourt in the Conference finals.

    I could have done a poll, but then I didn’t.

    *ITAHO: In the author’s humble opinion, see *ICMUA2!
    *ICMUA2: I can make up acronym’s too.
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