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You should perhaps do a little more research on that study. Andrea's #s are so 'good' because he rarely gets within 5 ft which skewed the #s (explained and detailed at sloan and by the author). When that is accounted for Bargnani is actually one of the worst in the leage. That basically supports that Bargnani lack of defense is not a myth, rather very well statistically quantified.
You're right ... I did have to do a little more research. What I clarified was how this Harvard Study determined a few things in their study of the NBA. Amongst them are:

The Dwight Effect
Howard's defense deters opponents from getting within 5 feet of him. He's 83rd on the list with 23.6 %. Andrea comes in at 90th, with 21.9 %.

This is what we call the “Dwight Effect” – the most effective way to defend close range shots is to prevent them from even happening. Although Howard does not lead the league in blocks, he does lead the league in “invisible blocks,” which may prove to be markedly more significant.

When Howard is protecting the basket, opponents shoot many fewer close range shots than average, and settle for many more mid-range shots, which are the least productive shots in the NBA.
Proximal FG%
Howard's 15th place surprises me, and yet doesn't. I think his bark is greater then his bite. Last Page - Appendix 2

Larry Sanders comes in first @ limiting Opponents to a .349 shooting percentage. Andrea is 2nd with a .352 Opponent average. Dwight Howard limits opponents to .435 - good for 15th spot. This study concludes with the Authors being certain about the top guy, a player who seems to be flying under the radar:

Lastly, due to his outstanding performance in both case studies, we conclude by suggesting Larry Sanders is the best interior defender in the NBA.
So to your comment:

Andrea's #s are so 'good' because he rarely gets within 5 ft which skewed the #s
When Opponents are within 5 feet, Andrea defends well. And the reason most stay further out, doesn't really matter, although I'd guess the Howard Effect. Never-the-less, what matters is that AB guards better then his "Defensive sieve" reputation makes him out to be. In his case, these Authors become like Myth Busters - demonstrating outside the box thinking versus tradional Basketball analysis.