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Thread: Wins comes from good 4th Quarter Coaching!

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    i liked the inbounds play to amir the other night.. one of many fails

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    Quote iblastoff wrote: View Post
    i dunno about that. casey has been pretty adamant in putting in 'experienced' players AA and JL while JV and ross up until recently never really saw 4th quarter play.

    When have we ever lost a game due to inexperienced players in the 4th?
    Neither Lucas nor Anderson should play in dieing minutes of games. They cannot be considered experienced. Players who know "what not to do" are players who should be on the floor in 'crucial' minutes. Barring exceptional situations Lowry(for lack of a better option) Derozan, Fields, Gay and Amir should be 4th quarter(especially late 4th quarter) players.

    As far as when we've lost due to such decisions is concerned, I don't have statistics and I'm lazy to look it up. Apologies.
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