A kudos to Mike Ganter from the Toronto Sun for calling everyone and their dog in the American media when it comes to Bosh's pending free agency this summer.

It's getting more and more ridiculous each week and I can only imagine it'll get worse in the upcoming months with all the speculation.

I've just about had it with my American media counterparts.

Almost on a daily basis now, I can find at least one story out there with someone purporting to know for certain that Raptors all-star Chris Bosh is jumping the first train out of here.

It's not the idea that he might be leaving the Raptors that is so bothersome.

Bosh may in fact be playing in another uniform next season. That's a distinct possibility. He has the right to opt out of the final year of his contract, become a free agent, and flee.

It could happen.

But what's really annoying is that his departure is a "done deal" -- a foregone conclusion. My point is, it isn't.

Bosh said so more than a year ago when reports of his imminent departure first started. He said so as recently as Monday following practice.

Maybe if the members of the American media throwing these blanket statements around so cavalierly had been in the countless pre-game, post-game, pre-shootaround, post-practice scrums that those of us who are actually around Bosh on a near daily basis have been, they wouldn't be so quick to write off his Raptors future.
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