In their 15 year history, Raptors have made the play-offs 5 times. The play-off teams were coached by B Carter(once), L Wilkens(twice) and Sam Mitchell(twice). Coaches of teams that did not make the play-offs include B Malone, D Walker, K O'Neal, J Triano and D Casey.

Were the teams that made the play-offs, the five best teams the Raps. have fielded? My answer is 'No'. Jay Triano's team(Bosh, Hedo etc) was deep and pretty strong. Another team that comes to mind is Kevin O'Neal's team(Carter,Rose, Marshall etc). These are two teams that come to mind and there may be a couple more. In fact Triano's team was comfortably placed at the 4th place in the East at the AS break before falling out of play off contention.

B Carter, L Wilkens(HoF) and S Mitchell(Coach of year winner) are arguably the best Coaches Raps. have had. Is it coincidental that the 5 play-off teams were coached by one of these Coaches, did their coaching make the difference or is it a bit of both? If in fact the "Coach Makes a Difference", should Raps. pursue a reputed, proven Coach? I think yes, what about you?