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Last season, despite the horrible offense, I did enjoy the games. Maybe it came from having little to no expectations. Tough grind it out basketball makes a horrible offense easier to take. Horrible offense combined with horrible defense is just horrible.
I think you probably enjoyed last year more is both because of lower expectations and also because it was visibly obvious that guys were engaged in the strategy and the philosophy last year. This year, not so much. A team that's playing together, pulling the rope in the same direction, etc. is always more fun to watch and more easy to root for.

Defense wins games. The old adage is true. Unfortunately, some NBA players like offense much better than defense, and more often than not, their OWN offense at the expense of the team's offense. It's on the coach to 'try' to curb that, but at some point, grown men are responsible for their own actions, and it doesn't always indicate that the coach is useless.