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Not sure that really works. A) the draft is expected to be super strong .. cant imagine that people will be trading them away very readily, certainly for a rental of Lowry (especially if he isnt playing well, which would suggest his value is MUCH lower than the pick we traded for him .. even if he still had the same two years left on his contract .. which obviously he wont)

On top of that, look at how much $ we have committed in 2015 (let alone 2014). Gay $19 mm, AB $12, AJ $7, LF $8,5m, DD 9.5 mm. Its gonna be VERY hard to blow that up and get people to take on those contracts.
I guess the positive spin would be after 2015 the Raps only have DD, JV, TR, and QA on the books.... and maybe a 2014 pick and 2015 pick?

The way things are going the Raptors still might be a bottom dweller despite the big contracts.