What should the Raptors do with him?

First let me begin by stating that it is my belief that he will sign with another team this coming summer. To get some feedback on that I contacted someone involved with the Raptors who might know about this. They confirmed that Johnson almost definitely will sign with another team come this summer.

The main reason he will not sign with the Raptors this summer is because Bosh will resign which means that Johnson will never have a chance to become a starter in the NBA while he is with the Raptors.

Whether Internet Raptors fans believe he could start in the NBA in a year or two is not the point. Johnson and his agent believe that he can be an NBA starter. Johnson also wants as many minutes as possible as a way to increase his on court experience and continue to improve his game. That opportunity will not avail itself in Toronto.

1. Johnson will never start in Toronto.
2. Evans will most likely move ahead of him in the rotation very shortly.
3. Evans has one more year left on his contract.

So it seems clear to me for these reasons, and confirmed by someone who should know, that Johnson and his agent will look elsewhere come July 1st.

So the question is. What to do with Johnson until then?

1. Should BC try and trade him before next next Friday or risk having Johnson just walk in July.

2. Should the Raptors not trade him and then renounce their rights to him come July 1st in order to free up the cap space from him leaving? If the Raptors do not renounce their rights to him come July 1st then his current salary will count against the Raptors cap dollars until he signs with someone.

3. If the Raptors can't trade him by next Friday do they continue to give him minutes until Evans can build up his stamina and then put Johnson into a Rasho type bench role?

4. Do they continue to give him more minutes than Evans assuming that you think that the Raptors are best served by Johnson getting more minutes than Evans, but less then he is getting now, knowing that he will be gone come this summer but Evans will be back for next season?

As I see it those are BC and Triano's options regarding Johnson. It is not very likely that CB4 and Bargnani will have their minutes cut and those reduced minutes be allocated between Johnson and Evans.

I suggest that the Raptors should play Johnson only until Evans can build up his stamina. Until Evans can play the 17 or so minutes a game that Johnson has been playing. After that Johnson should go to the bench alongside Rasho and play only like Rasho is playing, only on an as needed basis.

What do you guys/gals think?