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    Default Raps/76er's

    Inspired by Insider rumour article that ends with: "With Philadelphia expected to overhaul its roster next season and Jrue Holiday the only sure thing to be back, we have to wonder -- could this be the final stretch of Turner's days as a 76er?"

    The question isn't would the Raptors do this trade, but would the 76er's?

    Could we sell them on a Bynum/Bargs combination? (attitudes aside)

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    Firstly, we have enough wings. No more please! We already have Anderson, Kleiza, Fields, Demar, Ross, and Gay. Turner isn't gonna be much use to this team. We don't need a wing! Secondly, I sincerly doubt that Bynum even wants to stay with the 76ers or he wouldn't have done so much stupid shit to delay his return. Dude is stupid enough to go bowling with a bum knee and stupid enough to get crazy ass haircuts. He's made it pretty clear he has no intentions to play basketball in a 76ers uniform.

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    I agree with Backlash, we have enough wings and Turner would be of no use, unless we start playing small ball for 3/4 of the game and have Landry at PF.

    Secondly, I don't think the Sixers would do this trade anyways. It looks like Bynum isn't going to ever appear in a Sixers uniform, so they'll need Hawes to keep starting at the center position. If Bargnani starts at center for Philly, then I guess it could work, but that isn't likely.
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