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Keep the dream alive

And yeah....super intriguing prospect. Definitely someone to keep an eye on, because I still can't see him going too high given his youth, mostly because the level of competition he's played.
It is all Raptor fans have, isn't it?

Although this is the first time I've ever really felt "meh" on the team.

Too bad it is not like an Office document where you can quit without saving any changes and start a new blank document.

I fail to see how Colangelo is going to sell 2 more wins over last season's pace with an addition of nearly $20M in payroll per season.

What a cluster f*ck this whole team is.

The best thing MLSE might do now is keep Colangelo and DC for next year, watch another shit year unfold, hope and pray the 2014 pick is not going to OKC, don't allow Colangelo to add any salary beyond 2015, and give the new GM in 2014-15 young talent (JV, TR, 2014 pick) along with young veterans (DD, AJ, possibly LF) and significant expiring contracts/cap space.

The new Raptors fan dream is no longer "NEXT YEAR".... it has now become "NEXT THREE YEARS". What a mess.