Hello RR!

I know it's tough times right now being a Raps fan, but I am optimistic about next year....anyways that's not the topic here, and this is all about paying homage to one of the best Raps in history: Jose Calderon. He was a pro throughout his career with the Raps, and it was sad to see him go (we got Rudy though!!).

I will be going to the Pistons-Raps game tonight and due to my proximity to the court (close to Raps bench), I will be holding up a sign "THANK YOU JOSE" throughout the game. Class act and I hope he gets a big ovation when Detroit visits Toronto in the next few weeks.

At first I was going to go with #letJONASplay, but that was a few weeks ago and he's getting a little more time now that the season's winding down (what the HELL were you thinking Casey? Gray???)

Anyways, any other suggestions for Jose tribute signs? I still have the back of the poster to use if I want lol - would you bring a tribute to Jose sign if you were in my position RR?

Go Raps! (playoffs next year - there's no way it can't happen)