Toronto gets:
1. Jordan Farmar
2. Adam Morrison
3. Josh Powell

L.A. gets:
1. Jose Calderon
2. POB

Why it works for Toronto:
Yes, yes, Jose's been great off the bench and has developed great chemistry with the 2nd unit but when the playoffs come, teams will not need to worry about back-to-backs and will play with a tight 8 man rotation. Well, what does this have to do with Jose? Well, when the playoffs come, teams tend to tighten up their defense and this usually means a non-aggressive Jose Calderon. As past years show, come playoff time, Jose is ineffective and for this reason, Toronto needs to trade him. With this trade, Toronto will get 8 mil off the books and have some money to tinker with come July 1st.

Why it works for L.A.:
The Lakers have been looking to shore up their point guard position all year. While Jose might not be the best defender in the NBA, he certainly will improve the Lakers point guard position.