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Thread: Andre Drummond

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    My biggest concern with Drummond is his body. I've never felt he was going to be able to hold up to an 82 game season.

    My second concern is his work ethic and ball IQ. You put JV's work ethic and IQ in Drummond and suddenly you are talking greatest big EVER! OK slight exaggeration but it would be staggering.

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    Quote Vykis wrote: View Post
    I like Drummond, but this is embarassing...
    And fairly common occurrence for Drummond.

    I wanted the Raps to draft Drummond because I thought he was more likely to become an all-star player than JV (and a higher chance to become a bust but I was OK with that). That opinion has not changed except that the floor for Drummond is no longer a bust.

    I seriously doubt Drummond will ever play the on offense 4 because he has absolutely no range. 289 of the 317 shots he has taken this season were from very close proximity to the basket. Playing the 4 on defense would also minimize Drummond's greatest asset in my opinion, which is his ability to alter shots.

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